"I have what..?"

Learning how to live with that diagnosis and its subsequent treatments is a difficult task. Walking into the infusion room and sitting in a chair to be pumped full of chemo can take all of a persons energy. I know. I was there. Having a CHEMO Bag filled with items I could use while I sat in that chair for 4 hours was very helpful to me. My personal medical info, my book, my hat, my word puzzle and pens. A journal. We want to make sure all people heading into chemo has The CHEMO Bag.


Mission Statement: The CHEMO Bag Inc., in partnership with the generosity of our community, is committed to providing gift bags filled with items to provide comfort to the men and women in the Lehigh Valley undergoing chemotherapy treatments.

This idea was the brain child of our daughter who was 7 years old when I was diagnosed with cancer. She wants to say this to you:

When I came up with The CHEMO Bag I was overexcited and I still am now. My mommy is a brave, strong and courageous woman. Our family was scared and now we stand up proud. Please help us to help other people and their families as they navigate their way through CHEMO.

Thank You