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  • "first day at lvh for first of many--the 'chemo bag' was such a fun surprise with so many thoughtful and useful treats. Thank you Leah and all--really made a difference." Submitted by Anne

  • "The last thing I was expecting on my first day of Chemo was a gift. What I received was a bag of love and such a wonderful feeling that other women cared, even though they don't know me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the amazing and loving work you do." Submitted by Shirley Stewart

  • "I recently just received one of your chemo bags and it's amazing how such a little gesture of kindness can make someone's day.i am a stage 4 cancer patient ,mother of 2 beautiful daughters and a wonderful granddaughter now some days are so hard to get through knowing what my future holds and some days I feel just blessed to be here.your bag put a smile on my face the day I received chemo and I just wanted to say thank you so much for helping make a total strangers day feel so much better.its a beautiful thing what you started ,I'm sure it helps a lot of others as well." Submitted by Kathy

  • "Not knowing what to expect on my first treatment I was scared. I was given the chemobag and was so happy knowing people I don't even know took their time to provide me with some loving thoughtful gifts. It really made my day a little special. Just want to say thank you for your support." Submitted by Dave

  • "I just want to express my heartfelt thanks to you. Today was my first of what will be many chemo treatments at LVHN. As one would expect, I was a nervous wreck!!! Once I was settled in, the nurse gave me your beautiful "Chemo Bag". I was so overwhelmed with tears of joy and completely taken back that someone who didn't even know me, would go to such great extent to give me this beautiful gift. When I began to take a peek, I couldn't believe all of the wonderful gifts inside...I quickly realized that there were so many people in my corner rooting for me and my tears of fear, quickly changed to joy. I can't thank you enough. You managed to bring some sunshine into what I figured would be a very dreary day." Submitted by Mary McLaughlin

  • "To Whom It May Concern: Leah Walia and the "THE CHEMO BAG" have made such a huge impact on our newly diagnosed patients receiving chemotherapy in our infusion centers for the first time. Any newly diagnosed cancer patient coming to the infusion center for the first time is completely overwhelmed with many emotions as they enter the infusion center. They experience feelings of anxiety, fear (what side effects will I get? Will it hurt? How long will I be there? Will I feel anything during the infusion? Etc.), frustration and sometimes even anger. After we get them settled for treatment and make sure they are comfortable, we surprise them with the gift from the "THE CHEMO BAG"! Every patient is thrilled, excited and overwhelmed with appreciation. They love looking through the bag to see what treasures they will find. They are so appreciative of the kindness that someone would do this for them! It is pure pleasure to watch the anxiety on their face completely melt a way with the wonderful gift. The St. Luke's Anderson and Bethlehem Infusion Center started receiving THE CHEMO BAGS back in March of 2013. On average we receive about 20-30 a month depending on the donations that Leah has received and how she can share the donations among the other infusion centers in the area. Currently St. Luke's has 6 infusion centers and only 2 of them can participate with THE CHEMO BAG due to the limitations of donations to go around. On average St. Luke's Anderson infusion center sees about 50 new patients per month, St. Luke's Bethlehem around 45 and Allentown infusion around 35. Miners, Quakertown and Warren infusion centers average around 20 new patients a month, bringing us to a total of 170 new patients a month in the network. We would love to be able to extend "THE CHEMO BAG" program to our other patients at our other sites, but unfortunately at this time due to limitation of donations we are not able too. I can only hope that Leah's hard work and community outreach allows her program to grow so that she can expand her program to all the infusion centers in the area. This program is very special and was started by a very special woman and her daughter who both have a huge heart and desire to give back to others. We are very thankful for what Leah and THE CHEMO BAG can do for out patients and hope to see her continued success in the future. Sincerely. Donna J Bydlon RN BSN OCN Director, Infusion & Oncology Support Services St. Luke's University Hospital & Health Network" Submitted by Donna J Bydlon RN BSN OCN

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